Detailed ArchiCad Modelling


For the diploma thesis at the Technical University of Vienna, i have chosen a topic consisting of the virtual reconstruction of the Synagogue in Jablonec, as well as the architectural and historical elaboration of this jewish sacral building. Built in 1892 and designed by the Viennese architect Wilhelm Stiassny, it did not survive an arson attack on a November evening in 1938 and destroyed by Nazi’s.

My task was to virtually rebuild a model in ArchiCAD based on some still existing plans and a few very valuable photographs, exemplary for the interior room only one single BW-photo exists.

The comparison with other synagogues of Stiassny, like the Jubilee Synagogue, made it possible to broaden the number of details, and set the focus of the thesis partly on that.

The result is a highly detailed ArchiCAD model with high Polygon count and still under construction. The attached pictures are demonstrating only the recent "in between" status.

Synagogue by Matthias Lazewski